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5 Cool Gambling Mini-Games

by / Friday, 25 May 2012 / Published in Lists, Top Five

We all love to do it in some way, shape, or form whether taking a weekend trip to Vegas or spending a little quality time gambling online, but for those of us who want the thrill of playing games of chance without having to risk the money (or the reward) here are a few of our favorite video games that include some awesome gambling mini-games.


Red Dead Redemption

Roaming the open dusty road in “Red Dead” is beyond a blast. With wild buffalo, rowdy outlaws, and enough missions to keep your six-shooter occupied for months-on-end, the gang at Rockstar went the extra mile and included a really cool game of Poker to pass the time when you’re not getting mauled by grizzlies.

Letting you play “Texas Hold ‘Em”, there are even a few story elements and trophies that revolve around you having to win games under various circumstances.


Fable II

Roaming endlessly through the wilds of Albion can get just a little bit intense so when you find a pub or tavern in a town or city, it’s nice to unwind with one of three cool Pub Games. Fortune’s Tower, Keystone, and Spinnerbox are some great ways to have some fun, collect some money, and interesting ways to obtain more items for your customized character.


Final Fantasy VIII

Lauded by Gamespot as being a “more-than-worthy RPG minigame” Triple Triad was the first and argueagble best of the card games to appear within the larger fabric of a Final Fantasy game. While you don’t¬†technically gamble for money, you do gamble for your opponent’s cards and immense mystical bragging rights.

Designed to exist completly external to the larger narrative, the system was intriguing and entertaining enough for gamers to spend hours playing it, even when they could have been leveling up their characters instead.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

What would a world with all manner of vice be without a little gambling action? When San Andreas hero CJ arrives in Vegas stand-in “Las Venturas”, he’s free to stop into a few casinos and try his hand at some Vegas staples such as Blackjack, Slots, Roulette and Poker. The odds are definitely in your favor but don’t worry if you lose everything to the house. We’re pretty sure you can find some “creative ways” to get your money back if you’re so inclined.


Witcher 2

More luck than skill makes this particular game about the closest you can get to a real world dice rolling experience. There’s little to no strategy and you’re almost completely reliant on where the cards…errr…dice fall.

There’s no chance of you skipping this one however, as the only way to obtain and important quest item is by playing it and advancing in the game.

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